Football Schedule


SchoolTimeAgeStart DateEnd DateNo. of Weeks
Clarion SchoolSunday 2-3pmPre-K16-June-201923-June-20192 weeks
Sunday 3-4pmGrade 1 - 316-June-201923-June-20192 weeks
Tuesday 2-3pmGrade 2 - 411-June-201925-June-20193 weeks
Dovecote Green Primary School (For Dovecote students only)Tuesday 2.40-3.40pmFS - Y616-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Horizon English SchoolSunday 2.45-3.45pmKey Stage14-April-201930-June-201912 weeks
Monday 1-1.55pmFS 115-April-201901-July-201912 weeks
Monday 2-3pmFS 215-April-201901-July-201912 weeks
Wednesday 5-6pmAll ages17-April-201903-July-201912 weeks
Thursday 1.10-2.10pmAll ages18-April-201904-July-201912 weeks
Saturday 8-9amFS1 - Y120-April-201925-May-20196 weeks
Saturday 9-10amY2 - Y620-April-201925-May-20196 weeks
Horizon International SchoolSunday 1.10-2.10pmFoundation Stage21-April-201930-June-201911 weeks
Sunday 4.45-5.45pm4 - 16 years14-April-201930-June-201912 weeks
Tuesday 1.10-2.10pmFoundation Stage16-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Tuesday 4.45-5.45pm4 - 16 years16-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Thursday 2.10-3.10pmAll ages18-April-201904-July-201912 weeks
JESS Arabian RanchesMonday 6-7pm4 - 16 years22-April-201901-July-201911 weeks
Tuesday 6-7pm4 - 16 years16-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Saturday 8-9am4 - 16 years20-April-201929-June-201911 weeks
Ranches Primary School (For RPS students only)Thursday 1.40-2.25pmFoundation Stage25-April-201927-June-201910 weeks
Thursday 2.40-3.30pmKey Stage25-April-201927-June-201910 weeks
Ranches Primary School (Open to All)Thursday 5-6pm4 - 7 years18-April-20194-July-201912 weeks
Thursday 6-7pm8 - 14 years18-April-20194-July-201912 weeks
Regent International SchoolSunday 4-5pm4 - 6 years14-April-201930-June-201912 weeks
Sunday 5-6pm7 - 14 years14-April-201930-June-201912 weeks
Wednesday 4-5pm4 - 6 years17-April-201903-July-201912 weeks
Wednesday 5-6pm7 - 14 years17-April-201903-July-201912 weeks
Friday 8-9am4 - 6 years19-April-201928-June-201911 weeks
Friday 9-10am7 - 14 years19-April-201928-June-201911 weeks
Victory Heights Primary School (For VHPS students only)Sunday 2.45-3.45pmKey Stage15-April-201901-July-201912 weeks
Tuesday 1.15-2.15pmFoundation Stage16-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Tuesday 2.45-3.45pmKey Stage16-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Thursday 1.15-2.15pmFoundation Stage18-April-201904-July-201912 weeks
Thursday 2.45-3.45pmKey Stage18-April-201904-July-201912 weeks
Star International School (For STAR students only)Sunday 2.45-3.45pmKey Stage (1-6)14-April-201923-June-201911 weeks
Sunmarke SchoolTuesday 5.30-6.30pm4 - 16 years16-April-201902-July-201912 weeks
Universal American School (For UAS students only)Tuesday 2.10-3.10pmGrade 1-57-May-201918-June-20197 weeks


Horizon English SchoolDays / Times available on requestU7, U9 & U11
Horizon International SchoolDays / Times available on requestU6 - U18
JESS Arabian RanchesDays / Times available on requestU7 - U18
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