Football Academy Abu Dhabi

Elite Football Academy offers a full development programme that provides football to children 3-18 years of age.

Welcome to Elite Sports Football Academy in Abu Dhabi, where we ignite the passion for football and train the legends of tomorrow. As the best football academy in Abu Dhabi, our development programme creates an environment where players of all ages and abilities can learn the game and have fun doing so.

The beautiful game of football can help children and young adults in their journey of growth and self-discovery. Our coaching sessions are designed to provide a holistic approach to football education, ensuring that players, aged 3 to 18, enjoy the game while maximising their improvement.

Mini Kickers:
3 years old

Elite Sports Academy provides an enabling environment where children aged 3 years old embark on their football journey. Our Mini Kickers programme not only focuses on physical development but also enhances other crucial aspects such as confidence-building, understanding relationships, and teamwork.

2.5 – 4 years old

Our services extend to nurseries and pre-school settings, supporting them in their nursery school sports coaching. Through our well-rounded sessions, we contribute to all six areas of Early Years learning and development. With a focus on physical, personal, social, and creative development, we help young stars enhance their communication, language, literacy, problem-solving, reasoning, knowledge and understanding of the world.

After School Activities:
FS1-2 / Year1-6

Partnering with schools, Elite Football Coaching offers a full development programme as part of the After School Activities (ASA/ECA) programme. Our sessions cater to children from Foundation Stage to Year 6, ensuring that players participate within their age category for optimal enjoyment and improvement. With minimal ratios, our coaches provide quality one-on-one and group time, ensuring each player receives personalised attention.

Football Academy:
4 – 14 years old

Open to children aged 4 to 14, our community sessions provide an opportunity for footballers of all ages and abilities to learn the game in a fun and educational environment. Through engaging coaching sessions, players participate within their age category, amplifying enjoyment and improvement. Moreover, players have the chance to compete in bi-weekly matches in our Internal Academy League, adding an exciting element to their football journey.

Football Squads U6-U18

Our squad sessions are for invited and selected players only. The sessions are for those players who have mastered the technical skills required to excel in football, our Football Squads offer specialized training sessions in a group environment. Our Development & Advanced Squads focus on tactical awareness and positional play, nurturing players’ understanding of their individual roles within the team dynamic. Regular training sessions (x3 per week) and participation in competitive weekend football leagues elevate players’ game to the next level.

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Football Academy in Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Elite Sports Football Academy in Abu Dhabi, where we offer the ultimate football experience. Our academy is meticulously designed to shape the future legends of the sport, guided by UEFA Qualified Coaches and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. With programs tailored to all age groups and abilities, we provide the finest football academy courses in Abu Dhabi for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for every player.

Professional Football Coaching in Abu Dhabi

We are dedicated to helping children learn and develop new skills. Our professional football coaching in Abu Dhabi goes beyond physical development, focusing on imparting a diverse range of ideas and strategies. Each session is crafted to deliver an exceptional experience, maintaining our commitment to exceptional quality.

Football Training School in Abu Dhabi for Kids

At Elite Sports, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of football coaches in the UAE. Rest assured, your child will receive top-notch football coaching in Abu Dhabi, benefiting from the expertise of our experienced professionals. By working with us, they will not only learn crucial skills but also develop a strong work ethic. This foundation will enhance their on-field performance, accelerating their progress and promoting faster recovery. We foster healthy competition among players, pushing them to constantly exceed their limits and elevate their game.

Football training in Abu Dhabi for Kids

Completing our football training in Abu Dhabi for kids often opens doors for our elite players, including offers for university scholarships and trials from various professional clubs. Our football academy for kids in Abu Dhabi serves as an exceptional launching pad for a successful footballing career. The possibilities are boundless, making it a brilliant decision to join our esteemed football academy in Abu Dhabi today.

Football Coaching Academy in Abu Dhabi For Kids

Elite Sports stands as one of Abu Dhabi’s premier football schools, offering an outstanding and highly professional football training system. We provide comprehensive football training in Abu Dhabi for children of all ages, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance for their growth. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism drives us to elevate the footballing experience to new heights, empowering children to pursue their passion. When you choose us, we will guide and train your child, ensuring they receive the best football coaching in Abu Dhabi.

Enrol Your Child in the Top Football Academy in Abu Dhabi

If you aspire to enroll your children in a top-tier football academy in Abu Dhabi, Elite Sports is here to assist you. We cater to children of all ages, prioritizing their individual needs and ensuring they receive the finest training available. Our Football Academy in Abu Dhabi has earned numerous awards over the years, a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional training to every child in our programs. Take the leap and give our Football Academy Abu Dhabi a try today.

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Football Academy FAQs

What would my child do in a trial session?
  • Your child will join our regular class for that session to gain valuable experience within the culture of Elite. Beyond this, your child would slot into the group (space permitting) that they had their trial session in.
What is the age requirement to join?
  • We accept children from 3 years of age within our Mini Kickers program and take up to 14 years of age in our Academy program.
    • 3 years of age (30-minute session)
    • 4 – 14 years of age (1-hour sessions)
  • We also have our squad program for 5 – 18 years of age (3 x hours of sessions per week) – see below for further details
How many levels are there?
  • We have 4 levels within our football academy, which include: –
    • Nursery – 30 mins
    • Mini kickers (3 years of age) – 30 mins
    • Community (4 – 14 years of age) – 60 mins
    • Squads (5 – 18 years of age) – 3 x 60 mins per week
How many sessions should my child play a week?
  • We advise 1 or 2 sessions per week but attending 2 sessions per week will be more beneficial for your child’s progression.
Will I get regular updates on my child’s progress?
  • Our coaches continuously give feedback to all the players during / after sessions. We also welcome parents to come and watch the sessions and all coaches are willing to chat with parents regarding their child’s progression throughout the season.
Will my child have the same coach for every session?
  • We plan to have the same coach for every session as we feel this is important for the child’s progress and continuity of sessions. If your child moves up a level, it may mean they have a different coach. Coaches may be subject to change due to a few circumstances including but not limited to, illness, personal leave & leave of absence.
Where are your coaches from and what are their qualifications?
  • We select ‘ELITE’ coaches based on their experience, qualifications, and their ability to communicate with / inspire children. We want all children to LOVE their chosen sport, so we need the best coaches to impart their knowledge.
  • All our coaches have international coaching certificates for their sport, in addition to First Aid and Safeguarding qualifications plus Police Clearance from the UAE and home country.
  • Our coaches are from all over the world… wherever the most suitable candidates are we will find them! Please check ‘meet our coaches’
What is included in the kit pack?
  • Full Elite Sport football kit, comprising of football shirt, shorts & socks, in which it is mandatory to wear for all training session / matches.

Football Squads FAQs

Where are your football squads located?
  • We have several convenient locations throughout both Dubai & Abu Dhabi. In Dubai our squad sessions take place at:
    • JESS Arabian Ranches
    • JESS Jumeirah School
    • Raffles World Academy
    • Regent International School
    • Victory Heights Primary School
      • In Abu Dhabi our squads train at Yas American Academy.
How often do your squads train?
  • Our squads have access to 3 weekly sessions including a weekly competitive games program.
  • All squads participate in the Academy Super league, located at Repton School Al Barsha, Dubai / Gems Founders Al Barsha, Dubai.
What leagues do they compete in?
  • All squads in Dubai compete in the Academy Super League located at Repton School Al Barsha, Dubai / Gems Founders Al Barsha, Dubai.
  • Our Dubai Select squads additionally compete in the Youth Football League (YFL) at the Sevens Stadium in weekly fixtures.
  • All squads in Abu Dhabi compete in the Mubadala Youth League at Zayed Sports City, AD in weekly league fixtures.
  • In addition to the weekly competitive games program, we also compete in the Mina Cup, Abu Dhabi Cup and Mini Mina Cup tournaments.
  • Our senior squads (Under 18) also compete in senior football in Dubai in the EFA Cup competitions.
What are your age groups?
  • Our squads start from the Under 6 age group and compete up until Under 18. We have squads at Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, and Under 16. All squads train weekly and have a competitive games program in age specific leagues.
  • All sessions and league fixtures are designed for the specific age group.
What are your training and match schedules?
  • Our squads have access to 3 weekly sessions including a weekly competitive games program.
  • In addition to the training sessions, all squads have weekly external league fixtures via the Academy Super League, Mubadala Youth League, and Youth Football League.
Do you have any oversee trips?
  • Through our international partner, West Ham United Foundation, we have now travelled to London in the past two summers where our players have an intensive week of daily training with the West Ham United Academy & Foundation coaches, fixtures versus the West Ham Foundation performance squads.
  • Also included in the trip are live professional fixtures, previously watching West Ham United Vs Manchester City in the Premier League, and stadium tours, having visited Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, and the London Stadium.
  • As well as the trip with West Ham, our squads have trips both locally and abroad to compete in tournaments.
What Pathway’s do you have for footballers?
  • We have a Partnership with West Ham United Foundation, the University of East London and First Point USA for scholarships with the best Universities and Colleges in the USA.

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