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Elite Swimming Academy offers swimming to children of all abilities, starting from 3 years of age.

Elite Sports Swimming Academy in Dubai offers learn to swim sessions to children of all ages and abilities, starting from 3 years of age. With an extensive schedule of swimming sessions available, Elite Sports provides the perfect platform for your child to develop their fundamental life skill. With many years of experience in training and coaching, our team of coaches are fully qualified and deliver sessions in line with the Swim England framework, to ensure your children can develop in a safe, and nurturing environment. 

Learn to Swim – Level 1 – 5

Our Stages system sets students on a journey toward complete proficiency in all swimming strokes (e.g. freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) and swimming skills.

By following this framework, swimmers develop a wide range of skills, akin to completing a puzzle. When combined, these skills produce a competent, confident, and safe swimmer with the foundations needed to reach their potential in swimming and excel in a variety of water-based sports.

Swim Squads – Junior Squad:

7 – 9 years old


Developing skills and techniques learned in our Learn to Swim program is a crucial part of the Junior Squad program. Young swimmers aged 7 to 9 years old can benefit from this program. Swimmers will be introduced to the concept of Learning to Train, this will lay the groundwork for their future development in swimming. Through the BLABT (Body position, Leg action, Arm action, Breathing, Timing) approach, our skilled coaches will conduct technical-focused sessions that will improve their strokes and enhance their swimming abilities.

Swim Squads – Development Squads:

10 – 13 years old

Between the ages of 10 and 13, our Development Squad initiative is geared toward inspiring young swimmers to enhance their skills and techniques in a fun environment . Our experienced coaching staff provides individualized instruction for every swimmer, with a focus on starts, turns, underwater, Individual Medley, and other fundamentals. Our Development Squad will also compete in different internal and external galas to showcase their skills and gain valuable competition experience, the development program offers a glimpse into different training zones, which advances the swimmers’ stamina and consistency.

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Swimming Academy in Dubai

For the best swimming academy in Dubai, join Elite Sports Academy. We are excited to offer a fun and developmental programme following the Swim England Framework. Our expert coaches, who have years of experience training swimmers of all ages, make sure to keep up to date with the latest training programs and innovations. This helps them coach your child to become the best swimmer they can possibly be.

The health benefits that come from swimming such as improved cardio, increased muscle endurance and strength, and increased mobility and flexibility, transfer over to other sports as well.

Elite Sports Swimming Academy in Dubai provides the perfect environment for your child to have fun, boost their confidence, and become proficient in the water. We look forward to helping your child realise their full potential!

Swimming Classes for Kids in Dubai

Dive into the world of swimming with Elite Sports Swimming Academy in Dubai, renowned for its excellence in teaching young swimmers. Our academy offers swimming classes for kids of all ages and skill levels. Our experienced swimming instructors first carefully assess each child’s abilities. Then, they place each child into appropriate groups to ensure each child is allowed to progress at their own pace. Our swimming classes are built around a safe environment where children can develop their skills while having fun.

Swimming Lessons for Kids in Dubai

We believe that swimming is a LIFE skill that everyone should learn. This is why we offer great value with our swimming lessons for kids in Dubai. If you are looking for a safe, fun, and enjoyable swimming lessons for Kids, go ahead and sign them up for Elite Sports swimming lessons today.

Swimming Schools in Dubai for Kids

Looking for the best swimming school in Dubai for your kids? Look no further! We have a team of amazing coaches that were former professional swimmers.

We have a range of exciting swimming programs to cater to your child’s needs. Whether your child is just starting out or trying to go to the next level, our Academy has got you covered. We even have a competitive team for those champions who dream of making a splash in swim meets and competitions!

No matter what your child’s goals are in the water, our dedicated team is here to help them reach their full potential. Dive into our swimming programs today and let us turn your child into a confident and skilled swimmer. Contact us now to learn more about our awesome programs and how we can make a splash together!

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What syllabus do you follow?
  • Elite Sports Academy is proud to be partnered with Swim England, we follow their curriculum and level system.
What would my child do in a swim assessment?
  • The Swim coach will assess your child’s comfort in the water, the ability to perform basic swimming skills such as kicking, arm strokes and breathing and if your child is advanced enough to swim in the deep end, the Swim Teacher may ask them to swim a certain distance or demonstrate a specific skill.
  • Based on the results of the swim assessment, the Swim Teacher will be able to recommend the appropriate level/class for your child.
What is the age requirement to join?
  • We accept children from 3 years of age.
How many levels are there?
  • Our Learn to Swim program has 5 levels and our Squads program has 3 levels (Junior Squad, Development Squad and Competitive Squad).
How long are the classes and how many children in each class?
  • Level 1-2 / 30 mins / Max 4 students
  • Level 3-5 / 45 mins / Max 8 students
  • Squads / 90 mins (min twice per week) / Max 12 students
Do you offer private swimming lessons?
  • We do offer private 1 on 1 lessons with an experienced Swim Teacher. One lesson is 30 minutes long and available at our locations in Dubai. If you would like more information on our private swim lessons, please contact a member of the Elite Team.
What will my child learn in a level?
  • Each level has a different criteria to meet. Our lower levels focus on water safety and water confidence while developing their swimming ability. Our higher levels focus on BLABT (Body, Legs, Arms, Breathing & Timing)
How long will my child be in a level?
  • Each level has different skills to be mastered before moving up to the next level so it will depend on your child’s ability and the frequency in which they train.
How many swim sessions should my child swim a week?
  • It depends on why you are enrolling your child into swimming; is it for Water safety, Fitness or competitive swimming. Each factor will have a different approach to the outcome and we encourage you to discuss this with the coach.
Will I get regular updates on my child’s progress?
  • Yes, communication is encouraged at Elite. Swim Teachers overseeing the lessons are specifically evaluating each child every 5-6 weeks. Children will progress when they are ready and parents will receive a termly progression report.
Will my child have the same teacher for every lesson?
  • Yes, Elite strives to provide consistency for your child. When you commit to a class, our teacher commits to your student. Not only does the swim teacher enjoy seeing your child every session, but it is also an important element in the swim lessons curriculum for a swim teacher to bond with their swimmers.
Where are your coaches from and what are their qualifications?
  • We select ‘ELITE’ coaches based on their experience, qualifications, and their ability to communicate with / inspire children. We want all children to LOVE their chosen sport, so we need the best coaches to impart their knowledge.
  • All of our coaches have international coaching certificates for their sport, in addition to First Aid and Safeguarding qualifications plus Police Clearance from the UAE and home country.
  • Our coaches are from all over the world… wherever the most suitable candidates are we will find them! Please check ‘meet our coaches’
What is included in the kit pack?
  • Our Learn to Swim kit pack includes a string bag and customized swimming cap.
  • Our Squad swimmers will receive squad swim cap, squad towel and Elite Swim Squad shirt.

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