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Elite Gymnastics Academy offers Artistic & Rhythmic Gymnastics to children of all abilities, from 2.5 – 12 years.

 Elite Sports Gymnastics Academy in Abu Dhabi offers Artistic Gymnastics to children of all abilities, from 2.5-12 years, for both girls and boys. With a wide range of nursery and community sessions available, focusing on children from preschool to Novice/intermediate level, we provide the perfect first step into gymnastics for all aspiring gymnasts. With many years of experience in training and coaching, our team of coaches are fully qualified with British Gymnastics and follow all the British Gymnastics rules and guidelines, in line with their coaching framework, to ensure your children can learn and develop in a safe, and nurturing environment. 


2.5 – 4 years old

Embark on the perfect gymnastics journey with our exceptional Nursery programme in partnership with select nurseries. Designed for children aged 2.5 – 4 years, this programme introduces a variety of activities aimed at improving physical literacy, including running, jumping, balancing, forward rolls, and splits. It’s an incredible opportunity for your child to lay the foundation for their gymnastics adventure while having fun!

After School Activities:

4 – 11 years old

Partnering with schools, Elite Gymnastics Coaching offers a full development programme as part of the After School Activities (ASA/ECA) programme. Our sessions cater to children from Foundation Stage to Year 6, ensuring that players participate within their age category for optimal enjoyment and improvement. With minimal ratios, our coaches provide quality one-on-one and group time, ensuring each player receives personalised attention.

Gymnastics Academy:

3 – 12 years old

Our Academy classes cater to children aged 3 – 12 years who are eager to kick-start or continue their gymnastics skills development. With a focus on introducing slightly more advanced skills on the apparatus, these classes provide ongoing stimulation and challenges for all participants.

Our goal is to boost confidence and foster a sense of achievement in every gymnast. Whether they are experienced or new to the sport, our expert coaches tailor the training to ensure each child reaches their full potential.

Elite Sports Gymnastics Academy is the ultimate destination for young gymnasts to shine. Join us today and witness the incredible growth and accomplishments your child will experience on their gymnastics journey!

Gymnastics Schools in Abu Dhabi for Kids

Elite Sports is one of the best gymnastics schools in Abu Dhabi for Kids. Our modern facilities, paired with our skilled coaching staff, is the perfect blend to provide a fun yet engaging atmosphere for young gymnasts. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed for all ages and skill levels. We provide a solid foundation in gymnastics and build up your child’s passion for the sport. Join us at Elite Sports’ Gymnastics Academy today.

Gymnastics Classes for Children in Abu Dhabi

At Elite Sports Gymnastics Academy, we offer dynamic and engaging gymnastics classes for children in Abu Dhabi. Our experienced instructors provide personalised attention to each child, ensuring their development and progress at their own pace. From mastering fundamental skills to exploring advanced techniques, our classes are designed to challenge and inspire young gymnasts.

Our gymnastics program focuses on building the foundation of strength, flexibility, coordination and self-confidence. Join us at Elite Sports’ Gymnastics Academy.

Gymnastics Lessons for Kids in Abu Dhabi

Elite Sports Gymnastics Academy offers exhilarating gymnastics lessons for kids in Abu Dhabi. Our structured and progressive curriculum ensures that each child receives the necessary guidance and support to excel in their gymnastics journey. Our dedicated instructors focus on developing fundamental skills, refining technique, and building strength and flexibility. With a strong emphasis on creating a positive and nurturing environment, our lessons not only enhance gymnastics abilities but also foster self-esteem and teamwork. Join us and watch your child soar to new heights in the captivating world of gymnastics!

Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Abu Dhabi

Elite Sports Gymnastics Academy provides exciting gymnastics classes for kids in Abu Dhabi. Our engaging and age-appropriate classes are designed to introduce children to the wonders of gymnastics in a fun and supportive environment. Through interactive games, creative exercises, and expert instruction, our classes develop strength, coordination, and body awareness. As children progress, they build a solid foundation of gymnastics skills while enjoying the thrill of achievement. Join us at Elite Sports Gymnastics Academy and let your child experience the joy of gymnastics while developing important life skills!

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What would my child do in a trial session?
  • Your child will join our regular class for that session to gain valuable experience within the culture of Elite. Beyond this, your child would slot into the group (space permitting) that they had their trial session in.

    A trial session gives your child the chance to enjoy the atmosphere, learn skills, and get to know the coach and fellow gymnasts in a supportive, no pressure environment.  Should they wish to continue on their gymnastic journey, this would be their future training session.


What is the age requirement to join?
  • Our community sessions are suitable for children from 4 years old and above.

How many levels are there?
  • Our Academy students work towards British Gymnastics Achievement Grades Levels 8 – 1, across all age ranges.  

    To be selected for pre-competitive squad, we would expect our gymnasts to achieve a minimum of British Gymnastics Level 4 at ages 6+. We have 4 levels within our Gymnastics academy, which include: –

    • Nursery (2.5 – 4 years)
    • Gymnastics Academy (3 – 14 years)
    • Pre-Competitive Squad
    • Regional Competitive Squad
How long are the classes and how many children in each class?
  • Each academy class lasts for 1 hour, and includes approximately 20 minutes cardio warm-up, pre-training dynamic stretching, basic shapes and floor skills; 30 minutes Apparatus training, and 10 minutes cool down/static stretch and plenary.  Each class may be subject to different timings based on the age and abilities of the participants.

    Nursery sessions last 30 minutes and consist of developing the child’s physical development, proprioception and spatial awareness, through games and interactive play.

How many sessions should my child play a week?
  • There is no requirement to participate in any more than one 60-minute session per week to achieve consistent progress, but development of skills are accelerated when combining classes and undertaking at-home physical preparation.

Will I get regular updates on my child’s progress?
  • Our coaches give constructive feedback to participants continuously throughout  and after sessions and can offer additional advice as required. Whilst we welcome parents to come and watch the sessions, it can be distracting for small children when parents offer their child feedback during the class. It is important that children rely on and respond to the coaches to preserve their safety during classes. 

    All coaches are always willing to liaise with parents regarding their child’s progression throughout the season, either by face to face, or written reports.


Will my child have the same coach for every session?
  • We plan to have the same coach for every session as we feel this is important for the child’s progress and continuity of sessions. If your child moves levels, then it may mean they have a different coach, as well as a temporary coach in the event of rare staff illness.

Where are your coaches from and what are their qualifications?
  • Our coaches are all fully qualified by their respective National Governing Bodies and Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (World Gymnastics Federation), and primarily of western origin, but all are trained to the highest calibre in their respective disciplines.

What is included in the kit pack?
  • Children will receive a leotard and shorts (girls) and Elite Sport shorts and t-shirt (boys), which are mandatory to wear during all gymnastics sessions.

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