Private Swimming Coaching

Private Swimming Coaching in Dubai is now available under the supervision of the best swim coaches at Elite Sports Academy. Unlike team sports, swimming can be considered very individual and private coaching sessions can really allow a swimmer to work on their developmental areas with complete focus and dedication.

One to one coaching sessions offer your Children the opportunity to work exclusively with one of Elites highly qualified and experienced coaches. One to one sessions fast track the learning process within an intensive environment focused on fine tuning technical ability / stroke development, as well as physical fitness.

Private Swimming Coaching however, puts the swimmer in the center of attention. This is the motivation behind why a huge number of swimmers currently have individual coaches to further aid their development.

For more information about our Private Sessions, please contact a member of the team.

Private Swimming Session Pricing

Group Duration Price Per Session Price Per Person
1:1 30 Minutes 320 AED 320 AED
2:1 30 Minutes 320 AED 160 AED
3:1 30 Minutes 320 AED 107 AED
4:1 30 Minutes 320 AED 80 AED
* Al Prices above are subject to 5% VAT


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