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We ensure that our dedicated coaches will personally handle and coach every child that trains in our programmes. We understand that every child has talent & potential, our objective is to nurture that talent to achieve their potential.


At Elite Sports Academy, our journey began in 2012 with a simple yet powerful mission: to provide the highest level of professional sports coaching for children in the UAE. Our goal has always been to offer every child the chance to learn and excel in their favorite sports, guided by our exceptional team of experienced and qualified coaches. Today, we are proud to serve over 3000 children each week, delivering on our commitment to quality sports education.

I have been coaching since I was 16 years old, which has provided me with opportunities to work in various countries such as the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, Qatar, and now the UAE. Witnessing children develop their skills and experience the joy that sports bring is something I truly cherish.


Elite is a vibrant and multicultural organization that encompasses a dynamic business environment. Working alongside some of the finest coaches and support staff has been an absolute pleasure. The energy within the office and during sessions is contagious, creating an atmosphere that fosters growth and success. Witnessing the joy and talent development of the children during their sessions is truly rewarding. It’s a constant reminder of the positive impact we have on their lives and the fulfillment that comes from being a part of their journey.

Bringing joy and making a positive impact on the lives of children is an incredibly rewarding experience. As a coach, it is both an honor and a pleasure to guide and nurture their passion for sports. The opportunity to work with a multitude of talented children and their supportive parents adds to the enjoyment of the role. Each day is filled with fulfillment as we witness their growth, development, and shared enthusiasm for the sport we love.


My coaching journey started in the USA, where I pursued a soccer scholarship while studying at a university in Florida. Upon returning to my home country of England, I briefly worked in Leisure Management. However, my passion for football and coaching players led me to Elite Sports Academy when I relocated to Dubai in August 2014. Since then, I have been fortunate to continue pursuing my love for coaching in a dynamic and thriving environment.

Joining Elite Sports Academy was a stroke of luck for me, as it is widely regarded as one of the most professional and renowned football academies in the UAE. In my current position as Director of Operations, I have had the privilege of playing a significant role in the academy’s remarkable growth. We have expanded our operations by adding multiple venues and introducing new sports such as swimming, gymnastics, and basketball. As a result, we have become the largest sports academy in the UAE, a testament to our dedication and commitment to providing top-quality sports programs.


Joining Elite Sports Academy in the UAE has provided me with an incredible platform to deliver top-notch coaching sessions in a remarkable part of the world. After coaching in the UK, Dubai became the ideal next step in my coaching journey, and I haven’t had a moment of regret since. Elite is truly an exceptional academy, and our dedication behind the scenes is unparalleled. We tirelessly work on developing pathways, ensuring that children can experience extraordinary sessions led by the finest coaches. It’s a privilege to be part of an organization that goes above and beyond to deliver excellence to young athletes.

Coaching sports is a truly fulfilling career that has granted me the incredible opportunity to positively impact the lives of numerous children. Serving as a role model and mentor, I take pride in inspiring and nurturing young athletes as they develop in their chosen sports. It’s a privilege to contribute to their journey and help shape their future. Witnessing their growth and witnessing their passion flourish brings me immense satisfaction and fills me with pride.


After completing a 4-year soccer scholarship in Boston, MA and exploring various professional football opportunities, including being associated with Blackpool FC during their time in League One, I was presented with a remarkable opportunity to coach in Dubai, UAE, in both football and swimming. Given my background and experience in excelling at both sports, transitioning into coaching and passing on my passion to the next generation felt like the natural path to follow. I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and inspire young athletes in both football and swimming as they embark on their own sporting journeys.

I was introduced to Elite through a family member whose children were part of their football squads. After meeting with the directors, we discussed potential roles, and an exciting opportunity to relocate to Dubai emerged. During a holiday visit to Dubai, it became evident that the city offered an incredible lifestyle and excellent quality of life that perfectly aligned with what my partner and I were seeking. The prospect of sharing my passion, expertise, and experience with aspiring players in such a vibrant setting was truly appealing.

My goal is to create a positive and nurturing environment where players can not only develop their skills but also foster a genuine love for the sport. I believe in providing comprehensive education that extends beyond the field, equipping players with valuable life lessons that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives. Dubai provides the ideal backdrop for this journey, and I am thrilled to be part of the Elite team, making a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes.


I chose to work with Elite Sports Academy because when I was looking to move over from the UK to Dubai, I heard a lot of great things about Elite. I believe Elite is different from many of the other Academies in Dubai because of the care and attention we take in all aspects of our role, including session planning, session delivery, equipment quality, league & tournament planning.

When I retired from playing professional football, I felt the natural pathway for me was to go into coaching and share my football experience with the younger generation.


Joining Elite allowed me to take my coaching career to a new country for the first time. At Elite, we strive to create the best environment for young players, regardless of their abilities and ages, to develop, learn, and enjoy their football journey. It’s a rewarding experience to be part of a team that prioritizes player development and fosters a love for the game.

Coaching holds a special place in my heart because of the profound impact we can make on young individuals, both on and off the field. It’s not just about teaching technical skills and game understanding; it’s about instilling confidence in players that extends far beyond their time on the pitch. Coaching offers a unique opportunity to shape young lives, fostering social growth and equipping them with skills that will benefit them throughout their journey. Witnessing their growth and seeing them thrive is truly fulfilling.


I joined Elite Sports Academy because it offered me the opportunity to work full-time in the sport I am passionate about. Since joining, I have been fortunate to have various opportunities for growth, including internal promotions and participation in football events and competitions both locally and internationally. The company’s outstanding venues and facilities are just the beginning. What sets Elite apart is the unwavering commitment of all staff members to maintain a high level of professionalism, both in and out of coaching sessions. This dedication ensures that every child who attends our sessions receives the best possible experience. In my opinion, Elite is the top choice for anyone seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career in sports coaching in Dubai.

I pursued a career in football coaching due to my extensive experience in playing and coaching. Having been involved in professional football since a young age and having coached for several years, including three years at Elite, I am equipped with valuable knowledge and skills. Coaching provides me with the opportunity to work in football full-time and engage with children from diverse backgrounds. The most rewarding aspect of coaching for me is not only developing these players’ football skills, but also shaping them into well-rounded individuals. Seeing them grow as both footballers and good young people is truly fulfilling and serves as my primary motivation for coaching.


There are three key reasons why I chose to work at Elite Sports. Firstly, the company offers outstanding opportunities for career growth with ongoing training and development programs that allow me to enhance my coaching skills and stay up-to-date in the industry. Secondly, the team at Elite Sports is truly exceptional, as they share a passion for football and strive for excellence. The collaborative and supportive work environment they provide is invaluable. Lastly, Elite Sports offers access to top-notch venues for coaching, allowing me to work with motivated footballers and refine my coaching techniques. Overall, joining Elite Sports has provided me with the perfect platform to advance my career, work alongside a great team, and coach in exceptional venues.

I chose coaching as my profession because of my deep passion for football and the immense opportunities it offers. As a coach, I have the privilege to nurture young individuals both as footballers and as individuals. It pushes me to continuously develop in an environment where the growth of others is paramount. The ability to make a positive impact on aspiring footballers and contribute to their personal and technical progress brings me immense fulfillment. Coaching is not just a job for me; it’s a fulfilling journey of inspiring and empowering the next generation of footballers.


Working with Elite Sports Academy in Dubai has been an absolute pleasure. The level of support and expertise provided by the staff is unparalleled, and their genuine commitment to helping every athlete achieve their maximum potential is inspiring. Collaborating with highly skilled and experienced coaches has not only allowed me to enhance my coaching abilities but also contributed to my personal growth.

What truly sets Elite Sports Academy apart from others is the vibrant and positive coaching environment. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by the coaches and athletes alike are infectious. The children eagerly anticipate each session, and there is a strong sense of camaraderie among the staff and athletes throughout the academy. It’s this collective spirit that makes every day at Elite Sports Academy a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Football has been a lifelong passion for me, starting from an early age. I had the privilege of playing football at both academy and senior levels in Scotland, while also pursuing my studies in sports coaching and obtaining my UEFA B coaching license. Coaching individuals across various age groups and skill levels is something I thoroughly enjoy, as it allows me to contribute to their development in a meaningful way.

My primary objective as a coach is to nurture the growth of each player I work with. Whether it’s honing their technical skills, tactical understanding, or instilling confidence, my goal is to help them reach their full potential. Witnessing the progress and personal achievements of each individual brings me immense satisfaction and fuels my passion for coaching.


When I saw the role at Elite Sports come up I instantly applied. I’ve always considered coaching abroad as the next steps in my career and Elite have a fantastic variety of coaching opportunities from nursery through to squads. Since starting at Elite ive been lucky enough to work with some great coaches and players and im constantly learning and developing my skills. The support and guidance provided by the Elite team has been invaluable in helping me to improve as a coach and I feel confident in my ability to deliver high-quality coaching sessions.

One of the things I love most about coaching is seeing the progress that players make over time, both in terms of their technical ability and their confidence on the pitch. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you’ve played a part in helping someone achieve their goals and reach their full potential. In the future, I hope to continue working with Elite and expanding my coaching experience overseas. Ultimately, my goal is to become a head coach at a professional level, but for now, I’m focused on continuing to learn and grow as a coach with Elite


I chose Elite to work for as it’s a fun and dynamic company. It continues to grow and develop and its exciting to be part of it. Elite is the best sports company to work for because the coaches are professional, passionate, dedicated and the children are great.

Coaching is something I feel very passionate about and believe there is a sport for every child, and it is our job to find it and enhance their love for it. Each session, each day is different, and I get to make an impact on young people’s lives. Being one of the older coaches I love the game and passing on my skills and experience and to see them improve fills me with pride. I hope to make the children as passionate about football as I am. And hope they continue playing, watching or even coaching for a long time. Best of all I get to do what I love as a living.


Whilst working for Elite Sports, I have found that they have a positive reputation amongst their employees and have a strong company culture. They provide me with opportunities for professional growth and development. They also have a strong commitment to my well-being and work-life balance. Overall, I feel valued as an employee of Elite Sports.

Being a coach means that I can share my professional and personal experience in the sport of swimming. It is a sport that allows you to practice self-discipline and a healthy sense of competition. I like to simplify my lessons to help students understand the skills, while keeping the lessons fun and interactive.


Positive work culture: Elite Sports fosters a positive work culture centered around teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect. Employees feel valued and supported, creating an enjoyable work experience.

Strong reputation: Elite Sports has earned a strong reputation within the sports community, with swimmers and coaches consistently recommending the company. This reputation reflects Elite Sports’ unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication in helping swimmers achieve their full potential.

Passion for swimming: As a coach, I am driven by my deep passion for swimming. Having been a competitive swimmer myself, I find immense fulfillment in witnessing my athletes succeed and develop a lifelong love for the sport, just as I have.


Elite Sports – I’m so grateful to be working for Elite Sports Academy, the best football academy in Dubai, and the fact it’s based out here in Dubai, the best city in the world, makes it all the more enjoyable to work for Elite.

Elite provided me with an excellent opportunity to coach here in Dubai, and the journey so far has been fantastic. Every coach is brilliant, and I have learnt so much from them all, and the venues we coach at are outstanding. There are opportunities to progress quickly and take on more responsibility, which is exciting. Social events also occur regularly, complimentary from Elite, which is always good.

I am passionate about football and have played my whole life, and integrating that with coaching children is something I have always wanted to explore as a career path. Throughout my coaching sessions, I thrive upon inspiring my players and teams to accomplish their footballing goals and achieve success, and when my players and teams achieve this, it is a great feeling to share.


I joined Elite Sports Academy because they offer a top-notch football program catering to individuals of all ages, skill levels, and genders. With their outstanding gymnastics, swimming, and basketball programs, Elite Sports Academy stands out as the premier sports provider in Dubai.

Coaching football brings me immense joy as I am a passionate fan of the sport. It allows me to actively contribute to players’ aspirations by helping them expand their knowledge of the game and enhance their playing skills

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