Limited Spaces Available & Registration Still Open as the Weather Cools Down!

Limited Spaces Available & Registration Still Open as the Weather Cools Down! 

As the Summer Sun takes a back seat and the temperatures turns cool and pleasant, make the most of the weather and come on down to our sessions across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With spaces still available in our Football, Basketball, Swimming, and Gymnastics sessions – Register NOW for your FREE TRIAL and allow Elite Sports Academy to open the doors of exciting opportunities for your child’s sporting journey! 

The cooler weather brings with it a fresh sense of motivation and curiosity, making it an ideal time to get your sporting journey underway! The pleasant weather being perfect to come down to our top class venues, offering: –

  • Amazing pitches and facilities to play football under the setting sun with our Football Programme!
  • Fantastic courts and coaches to prove Ball Is Life and Shoot Your Shot with our Basketball Programme!
  • Fully equipped studios to align your mind and body with our Gymnastics Programme!
  • And just the perfect time to dip your toes in and join our Swimming Programme!

With select DISCOUNTS still on offer – now is the best time to sign up! We still offer our Pro-Rata/Semi-Annual Discount, as well as our year-round 10% Sibling Discount! We also offer our Multiple-Session Discount if you sign up for more than one session a week or multiple sports/disciplines

Our sessions are extremely well thought out and planned by our team of highly experienced & qualified coaches, where we offer the perfect solution for you, and for every level. So why not explore a new hobby if you are new to the sport, embrace a challenging project and better yourself, or dive in and join our programmes with coaches that will take your child to the next level?

The possibilities are endless, and your learning journey is perfectly placed to be infused with some Elite Power! #BeElite


Register today and let the season of possibilities begin!