Elite Sports Basketball academy strives to meet the needs of every aspiring young basketball player. Our basketball programs are year-round and structured to flow in concert with age, ability and commitment level. We deliver fun, active and constructive coaching sessions that focus on children developing their skills, confidence and teamwork. By gathering the highest qualified coaches, we're able to enhance our players' skills both on and off the court.


Our mission is to individually and collectively develop our players and based on their goals maximize their opportunities to sign a professional contract or receive full basketball scholarships around the world.

All Stars (Age 6-8)

In our "All Stars" program, we maintain a strong focus on fundamental skills.

From ball handling, footwork, shooting, and other skill development areas, we maintain a comprehensive program throughout our locations and venues.

Ballers (Age 9-14)

Elite Basketball Ballers program is an opportunity for advanced development training, competition, and league participation in the UAE.

In superb facilities, our athletes will learn and train with proper guidance on how to become professional players.


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