Welcome to Elite Sports Football Academy in Dubai, where we ignite the passion for football and train the legends of tomorrow. As the best football academy in Dubai, our development programme creates an environment where players of all ages and abilities can learn the game and have fun doing so.

The beautiful game of football can be help children and young adults in their journey of growth and self-discovery. Our coaching sessions are designed to provide a holistic approach to football education, ensuring that players, aged 2 to 18, enjoy the game while maximizing their improvement.

Mini Kickers

Elite Sports Academy LLC provides an enabling environment where children aged 3 to 4 years embark on their football journey. Our Mini Kickers programme not only focuses on physical development but also enhances other crucial aspects such as confidence-building, understanding relationships, and teamwork.


Our services extend to nurseries and pre-school settings, supporting them in their nursery school sports coaching. Through our well-rounded sessions, we contribute to all six areas of Early Years learning and development. With a focus on physical, personal, social, and creative development, we help young stars enhance their communication, language, literacy, problem-solving, reasoning, knowledge and understanding of the world.

After School Activities

Partnering with schools, Elite Football Coaching offers a full development programme as part of the After School Activities (ASA/ECA) programme. Our sessions cater to children from Foundation Stage to Year 6, ensuring that players participate within their age category for optimal enjoyment and improvement. With minimal ratios, our coaches provide quality one-on-one and group time, ensuring each player receives personalised attention.

Community Session

Open to children aged 3 to 16, our community sessions provide an opportunity for footballers of all ages and abilities to learn the game in a fun and educational environment. Through engaging coaching sessions, players participate within their age category, amplifying enjoyment and improvement. Moreover, players have the chance to compete in bi-weekly matches in our Internal Academy League, adding an exciting element to their football journey.


For players who have mastered the technical skills required to excel in football, our Advanced & Development Squads offer specialised training sessions. These squads focus on tactical awareness and positional play, nurturing players' understanding of their role within the team. Regular training sessions and participation in our Friday night and Saturday morning Academy Super League elevate players' game to the next level.

Girls Academy

At Elite Football Academy, we are proud to offer tailor-made GIRLS ONLY football sessions, promoting participation in one of the fastest-growing female sports in the UAE. Our structured programme caters to all ages and abilities, from beginners to competitive levels. As the exclusive provider of the GIRLS Football League in Dubai, girls enrolled in our academy have the opportunity to regularly participate in competitive football, fostering their growth and love for the sport.


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