Elite Resumes Football Training & Swimming Classes in Dubai with COVID Safety Measures

It seems a lifetime ago that we were restricted to our homes, on lockdown and wondering when life would return to normal. A whole new way of learning for children, a new way of working for adults, and a new way of life seemed to have been born.

Fast forward 6 months, and we find ourselves in this ‘new normal’, but at Elite Sports Academy, we are trying to keep everything as normal as possible for your children, allowing them to learn and improve their football and swimming skills, just as they did before COVID-19 graced itself on the world.

Of course, our paramount consideration nowadays is the safety of your children, and every player who is part of an Elite Sport Session. So just what are the leading sports academy in Dubai doing to keep your children safe?

First and foremost, we appreciate that there are many people still concerned about the current state of play in the country surround COVID cases. Many children have not returned to school, and are still on extended learning, but Elite Sport are certainly on hand to allow your children to continue to get their weekly fix of football sessions, swimming lessons and general physical fitness sessions by keeping active in one of our many sessions across Dubai.

The safety procedures in place all coincide with the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) guidelines that have been set out to us, and we have continually adapted to changing procedures since the safe return to sport for our players before the summer holiday camps commenced. At present, we are ensuring that: –

  • Temperature checks upon arrival to sessions
  • Masks to be worn before, during and after ALL sessions (can be lowered during sessions)
  • Sanitizing of hands upon entry to the venue
  • Social Distancing throughout sessions
  • Ratios in line with Dubai Sports Council (Max. 10 children per coach)
  • Sanitizing of equipment after each session
  • COVID declaration Forms required in order for children to take part in sessions
  • Parents to drop and collect at start and end of sessions. On the most part, parents not allowed on site to avoid congregation and ensure social distancing is adhered to.

At Elite Sports Academy, our primary objective is to keep our sports superstar’s safe, and able to enjoy the sports they love.

In time, as and when restrictions ease, we will continually update our parents with such changes, but for now, we thank everyone for their continued support during the current time, and allowing your children to return to their sessions and continue to flourish once again on the football field or in the swimming pool.

If you would like to get your child involved in either our Football Academy or Swimming Academy in Dubai, Elite Sports Academy is the perfect place for you – contact [email protected] NOW!

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